Oshikunde Combined School

Our History

Oshikunde Combined School is situated 45km Eastern of Eenhana in Oshikunde constituency. The school was established in 1955 by the Missionaries. Mr. Jonas Heita as the Principal and two (2) teachers: Tresia Stefanus and Helsia Kapunda as teachers. Mrs. Olivia Mukawe joined as a teacher in 1967.

The lessons used to start at 10:00AM – 14H00 under the trees. The learners were about 45. The school was based at Omito were the church is now. Their salaries were N$5.00.

In 1974, the government took over the control and administrations of the school. Mr. Jonas Hamunyela was the principal of the government school. When he started, he was alone managing and teaching 35 learners. Later on was joined by few teachers when the school curriculum was extended. The school has grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. Mr. Junias Hamunyela was given a choice by the government to choose if the wants to erect the school where the present clinic is, but he choose to erect the school at the place it is today..

History of School Principals since the School turned Public:


Mr. Junias Hamunyela


Mr. Mika Shuudeni (late)


Mr. Valde Nghiliwa (late)


Mr. Hendrick Shikonda


Mr. Waardeheim Shapaka


Mr. Hoster Simasiku

Principals Foreword

Welcome to Oshikunde CS and more especially through browsing our website. Oshikunde CS is a Government School under Ohangwena Directorate of Education , in Ohakafiya Circuit.

As a School it offers from Pre-Primary to Grade 11, with four phases of Education: Junior Primary (Grades 0-3), senior Primary (Grades 4-7), Senior Secondary (Grades 8-9), and Senior Secondary (Grades 10-11). We also have hostel facilities for Grade 8 to Grade 11.

Browsing through our website, would give you access to a lot of Information about our School. Our contact details are provided on different sections, do feel free to contact us for specific details.

My wish is you would enjoy the experience of browsing through our web site.

Thank you.

Hostel Facilities

Our Vision

To provide learners with exemplary instruction designed to educate the whole child so that he/she may become a productive member of the society in today’s world and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

As service providers in education, we strive to offer accessible, equal education based on human quality, by producing citizens who are meaningful in a democratic society.

Our Core Values

  •  Integrity
  •  Self driven
  •  Accessibility
  •  Accountability
  •  Positive attitude


    Our applications for Grade 8-9 2023 and for hostel accomodation are now available, online or by hand at our school.

    Join us in conjunction with Henry Shimutwikeni & Co Inc.

    OSHIKUNDE COMBINED SCHOOL is Inviting all Schools nationwide to our annual sports tournament.

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